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Innovation and R&D Learn

Innovation and R&D Learn


R&D Intensive

R&D Intensive

Innovative Technologies: Measurement

  • Dual lenses & oblique incidence optical system (DLOIS)

    Dual lenses & oblique incidence optical system (DLOIS)
    • 10nm to 3500μm, DLOIS provides a wider measuring range
    • Detection angle up to 165 degrees to measure particles with proportion of less than 5%
    • Single laser source brings consistent wavelength and datum, provides repeatability error less than 0.5%
  • Laser diffraction+ Automated imaging

    Laser diffraction+ Automated imaging
    • A single solution for both particle size distribution and shape analysis 
    • Two functions cross-reference the particle size results with the shape results for large particles
    • A intuitive understanding of the materials

  • Refractive Index Measurement

    Refractive Index Measurement
    • Measure unknown refractive Index & verify the known data of a material at a specific light wavelength 
    • Provide key parameters to calculate particle size distribution in real time
    • Comply with Mie theory 

Innovative Technologies: Automation

  • Automatic circulation & dispersion

    Automatic circulation & dispersion
    • Make sure each particle can be accounted by laser and camera
    • Upgrade to solvent circulation & dispersion system for special sample 
    • Dry run protection ultrasound disperser

  • Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)

    Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)
    • An easy solution for standardized and automatic testing
    • Automatic test, including water intake, bubble removal, background and obscuration measurement, testing, rinsing, and result save and print
    • Minimize human error

  • Automatic laser centering

    Automatic laser centering
    • Before each test, the instrument automatically moves the laser detector center point to the focus point of the lens
    • Guarantee the good working condition of the optical system
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